VIA – Vital infrastructure arena is a national Arena Pro cluster. The cluster has over 100 members from across the country, with over 80 of these being companies.

VIA will contribute to the development of secure, smart and sustainable transportation infrastructure for the global market.

To be able to reach UN's sustainability goals, we must utilize fewer resources, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and stop pollution of the sea and land. The society needs new technology and knowledge. We believe VIA is an important organ that paves the way for innovation and collaboration-based development. By connecting players across traditional industries and sectors, challenge established practices, and assist in the process of launching innovation projects and pilots, we believe it is achievable.

This way, the cluster contributes to strengthen the competitiveness of member companies, who develop smart, secure and sustainable solutions for a better transportation infrastructure.

Our vision

We will be a global leader in ​safe, smart and sustainable transport infrastructure

Main objective

We pave the way for increased innovation capacity and collaborative development. We develop the market and strengthen the members’ competitiveness nationally and internationally.

Our team

Helen Roth

Phone: +47 472 62 374


Kine Norland 

Phone: +47 975 22 123


Olav Mellemstrand

Tlf: +47 906 32 906


Benedicte Titlestad

Phone: +47 958 77 650


Odd Løyning

Phone: +47 951 51 277


Hilde Svendsen

Tlf: +47 924 59 106


Atle Riskedal

Phone: +47 982 98 200


Board of directors
Board of Directors

Sigve Sandvik


Roxel AS

Board of Directors

Stine Anne Johnson

Development Manager

Nye Veier AS

Board of Directors

Ketil Solvik Olsen

Mobility Forus

Board of Directors

Geir Harris


Board of Directors

Trond Hovland

ITS Norge

Board of Directors

Kjersti Kvalheim Dunham


Board of Directors

Erlend Aksnes

Manager, Operation and Maintainance


Board of Directors

Eivind Grøv

Chief Scientist


Board of Directors

Vidar Ose

Agder Fylkeskommune


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