Building competence on Tunnel Safety

VIA Cluster is one of several collaborators involved in the project "Building Competence - Tunnel Safety". The University of Stavanger, the project owner, has received 5.8 million NOK from the Research Council and 1.5 million NOK from the Rogaland County Municipality to develop and do research on better tunnel safety solutions.


Research: The project is aimed at contractors and subcontractors who build, maintain and operate tunnels, and are very relevant to the long tunnel developments in Western Norway. (Photo: iStock)

The purpose of the project is to increase tunnel safety, and create an arena for sharing knowledge and skills across the tunnel industry and research communities. Good preparedness, good procedures and modern equipment are essential when it comes to tunnel safety. This is important for road users, for fire and rescue personnel, transport industry and for the community.

Research on tunnel safety is necessary to ensure that safety and emergency preparedness in connection with tunnels are safeguarded in the best possible way. To do this, good analytic tools

are needed, as well as innovative technology. The University of Stavanger are working on creating new technology, while focusing on the fact that technologies must work together. By working interdisciplinarily, different technologies is combined to find the best solutions for safer tunnels and fewer accidents. 

"Building Competence - Tunnel Safety" is a collaboration project between companies, businesses and authorities, as well as research communities to gain knowledge and ability to improve tunnel safety nationally and internationally. The project will enable companies to promote their own tunnel safety solutions by:

  • Discuss safety management principles for road systems that include tunnels

  • Challenge functional requirements in a risk-based management

  • Describe different ways to express the effectiveness of measures and solutions

  • Include self-rescuing and guidelines for road users skill levels in an own design



Tunnel projects often cost tens of billion NOK. Specialized suppliers rely on entering larger value chains to gain market access. How will companies in the South West gain position regarding innovation within the tunnel safety industry? Why do some businesses succeed while others do not? Where are the biggest barriers to innovation and good solutions for increased tunnel safety? These issues are utmost central, and in this project researchers will work on three activities:

1. Processing of traffic flow models as risk models for real-time decisions
2. Develop models for prediction and spread of toxic gases
3. Develop models for traffic behavior in critical situations.

Vital Infrastructure Arena, VIA

The number of data sources and the quality of real-time data increases, which gives us new opportunities. VIA Cluster as a development platform for technical solutions has highlighted the possibilities of using ICT in the tunnel safety work.

Important topics are:

  • Early detection of events and hazardous conditions

  • Information to road users

  • Communication between road users and rescue services

  • Status description of the accident

The activities are linked to specific products, such as apps, sensors, automated systems and combined tunnel safety systems.

The project will use innovation perspectives and meeting points to develop and share knowledge about how Norwegian players within tunnel safety can win in international tender processes.

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