Subsea Tunnels

«Subsea Tunnels» is a cluster-to-cluster project, an initiative aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. The objective is to shed light on international market opportunities that exist in the wake of the major tunnel developments in recent times.


Through the transnational initiative Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Innovation Express, Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster received 250,000 NOK for the project. In cooperation with the Danish cluster InnoGYG and the Femern Belt Innovation Network, "Subsea Tunnels" is a Danish-Norwegian project aimed at market development, networking and competence dissemination across borders.


Fehmarn Sund Bælt is a large tunnel project, which is now being fully planned - an 18 km long subsea tunnel with both roads and rales, which will go between Denmark and Germany. Here at home we have broad experience and expertise in building long underwater tunnels. and a number of the cluster participants are involved in the Ryfast project. The transnational project therefore consists of study trips for exciting and relevant test facilities in Norway and Denmark. In the extension of such a project, it will also be natural to look into the opportunities to launch new research and development projects with a particular aim for the EU Horizon 2020 program.


Are you interested in more info or want to participate in project activities, please contact cluster leader Helen Roth at