Tunnel Incubator

What's the tunnel incubator?

The tunnel incubator is a project funded by Rogaland County Municipality to make the cluster a venue for companies with bold innovation and international growth potential.

Who is the tunnel incubator for?
The tunnel incubator assists entrepreneurs, established businesses and corporate networks that: 

  1. develops new products and services

  2. conducts technology transfer between disciplines

  3. wish to strenghten their competitiveness through cooperation

What can be offered through the tunnel incubator?

  • Individual feedback on idea/project by professionals

  • Relevant courses / workshops

  • Course and training in Lean Business Platform

  • Discounted services (eg market clearance, IPR strategy, business model development, acid tests, etc.)

  • Network

  • Access to demonstration facilities

  • Assistance linked to support schemes

For more information contact Atle Riskedal