Virtual tunnel

VIA Cluster aims to develop a virtual tunnel laboratory, where you can stay and test installations in real-world environments.

The intense development that has taken place in technologies crucial for creating artificial or virtual reality has opened new doors for our society - both in the children's room and in our living rooms.​ However, VR technology also provides unprecedented possibilities for improving tunnel safety.

It is through the Stavanger municipality`s growth foundation that VIA have recieved one million NOK for development of a virtual tunnel. The tunnel laboratory will be an arena that facilitates new ways of engaging in innovation-oriented work, enabling


companies to design, develop and demonstrate new technology in complex systems. In addition, the facility will also be used for training and various exercises. Such a virtual tunnel lab will be particularly good business for small and medium-sized enterprises, which tend to lack the financial muscles they nees to buy VR technology for their own use. Throughout the cluster, these - and the larger companies - will be able to make good use of a full-scale tunnel simulation.

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