Norwegian Tunnel Safety Conference 2017

Date: 7. - 8. September 2017

Venue: Stavanger Forum, Norway




Welcome to Rogaland

County mayor Solveig Ege Tengesdal, Rogaland County Council


Director General Terje Moe Gustavsen, Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Safer tunnels through cooporation and innovation

Cluster manager Helen Roth, Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster


Tunnel safety requirements based on legislation and a history of accidents

Senior principal engineer Arild Søvik, Norwegian Public Roads Administration


Safety on tender

Senior researcher Are W. Brandt, Rise Fire Research

A tunnel's influence on human behaviour

Senior research scientist Gunnar D. Jensen, Sintef Technology and Society


Collaboration between emergency agencies

Director Hans Kristian Madsen, The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)

The Oslofjord tunnel fires - lessons learned

Head of tunnel safety Thorer Thoresen, Follo Fire and Rescue Services


Personal safety in tunnels - experiences from public investigations of vehicle fires in tunnels in Norway by AIBN

Head of road departement Rolf Mellum, Accident Investigation Board Norway (aibn)


In the aftermath of an accident: caring for victims, spectators and emergency personnel

Specialist in clinical psychology Jakob Inge Kristoffersen, Center for Crisis Psychology

Friday 8th september


Typical causes of vehicle fires and an effective measure to detect "hot" vehicles

Product manager complex systems Steffan Grassmann, SICK System Engineering AG & Professor Jean-Claude Martin, Lausanne University, Switzerland


Its services will improve tunnel safety

Senior adviser Trond Foss, Sintef Technology and Society


Four trends that makes the transport sector safer, cleaner and smart

Managing director Trond Hovland, ITS Norway


A different perspective on sensors and surveillance - possibilites outside the box

Managing director Geir inge Lerang, Roxel Aanestad


Help people save themselves during disaster

Systems engineer Bjørn Elnes, Aventi


Locate and save people trapped in tunnels

Director R & D fire safety Jarl Tonning, Nokas BST AS & Project manager big data Vegard Grepstad, UMS


ITS platform for collection and communication of tunnel-sensor data

Business developer Ken Stephansen, Triona


Nye Veier, status project E39 Kristiansand - Sandnes

Director of technology & development strategy Anette Aanesland, Nye Veier AS


The E39 coastal highway route program

Program manager Kjersti Kvalheim Dunham, Norwegian Public Roads Administration


Rogaland fixed link (E39 Rogfast)

Project manager Tor Geir Espedal, Norwegian Public Roads Administration


Ryfast: safety technology, what is possible and what is good enough?

Project manager Gunnar Eiterjord, Norwegian Public Roads Administration


What's next? Closing remarks

Cluster manager Helen Roth, Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster

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