The tunnel center at Ganddal

In a mountain hall outside Sandnes you will find the Tunnel Centre, which is the industry's arena for research, development, testing, demonstration and learning. This is Norway's first full-scale tunnel center filled with technology for the tunnels of the future.

Industry's Own Tunnel Centre

The tunnel center is equipped as a tunnel in ordinary operation. Here there is the opportunity to demonstrate your own equipment, test and develop new products and solutions.

The climate in the Tunnel Centre provides optimal conditions for testing in an authentic tunnel environment, and the technical basic equipment is the latest in tunnel technology. We are installing a “mini-road traffic center” that provides opportunities for testing signaling and warning systems for control, control and monitoring (SRO) without ordinary traffic.

A learning arena

The tunnel center will be an arena for the exchange of knowledge in the industry, where courses and training will be facilitated. The tunnel is a learning arena for contractors, advisors and road owners alike who want up-to-date knowledge, training and training. Educational institutions, emergency services and others who want to learn more about tunnel technology and safety will also benefit from the Tunnel Center. In the long run, it should be connected with a digital twin. This will open up opportunities in real-time modeling, scenario development and virtual training.

Address: Kvernelandsveien 100, Ganddal

Broad collaboration and commitment

The tunnel centre is supported by Rogaland county council and Innovation Norway. VIA has led the project, but the idea has become possible with dedication, equipment and great input from our members. The facility is a community benefit project for the industry.

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  • Courses
  • Upbringing
  • Workshops
  • Testing and piloting
  • Demonstration of equipment


  • Tunnel standard
  • Profile T9,5 scaled 75% scale
  • Length 38 m
  • Width 4.7 m from guide edge to staircase
  • Height 4.8 m center of tunnel, 3.7 m at guide edge
  • Capacity power plant (3 x 230VAC @ 32A)
  • 4G
  • Humidity 70-90%

Other facilities

  • Teaching room/ “mini-road traffic center”
  • Kitchenette
  • Parking
  • Large outdoor area
  • Toilets