Virtual tunnel platform

VIA is currently in Phase 2 of the development of a virtual platform, where installations can be developed and tested in near-real environments.

We have now announced the competition to develop VR tunnel, phase2.
Unfortunately, the deadline to participate has passed.

VIA developed in 2019 a prototype VR Tunnel, which is a 330m full-scale solution of the Ryfa Tunnel. The pilot tunnel is staged with traffic, standard rescue equipment and a collision with fire scenario.

Now we are in the process of VR tunnel, phase 2 where we will develop a virtual platform that generates 3D models of tunnels, based on data from the National Road Data Bank. The aim is to create a platform that enables VIA companies to develop innovative products and solutions. Here we will use VR technology and program a solution in line with what the members need. In addition, this will provide more opportunities for development, testing, demonstration and exercises in tunnel.

VIA has received NOK 750,000 from the Municipality of Stavanger in project funds to develop the digital platform, the framework includes the total project.

Innovation-oriented work

The digital solution will make it easier for members to work on innovation-oriented work. VR technology provides opportunities for 360° experience, comparing options, connecting with other actors and testing the tunnel system as a whole.

Together with the real tunnel facilities at Ganddal, this will provide better and fundamental innovation tools to our members.

The digital platform will be ready in the summer of 2024.

For more information or interest in following the project please contact