Where does the road go next?

Join us and shape the innovative, safe and sustainable roads, bridges and tunnels of the future.

VIA is a national network of nearly 100 members working on road, bridge and tunnel throughout the value chain. We connect companies, educational and research institutions, development actors and other key public actors.

VIA is the hub of the roads of the future

We strengthen our members' opportunities for commercialization of new technologies and new solutions through meeting venues, projects and competence building. Driving innovation alone is challenging. Together we develop new standards for the roads of the future, creating competitive advantages for our members.


Become part of the community that brings together the entire industry. Get invitations to workshops, seminars, study tours and events.


Join joint activities in connection with national and international trade fairs and conferences. Participate in research and development projects.

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What Our Members Are Saying

“Will take part in VIA's ecosystem”

“As a total transport and tunnel supplier, with globally leading partners, we are committed to good, smart and sustainable solutions. VIA's ambition for an ecosystem that cultivates this makes our membership here absolutely natural. Our membership in VIA gives us the opportunity to contribute our expertise to a greater extent.”

Terje Humlebrek
HF Følsgaard

“Interdisciplinary and professional environment”

“With the VIA cluster, we gained access to a multidisciplinary and professional environment. As a challenger with innovative solutions to the established technologies, we have gained an arena where we can influence and improve the safety of tunnels with new technologies. We have been involved since the inception of the cluster and it has been a great journey with a proactive, positive and driving group.”

Geir Pettersen
EnergyOptimal AS