The tunnel centre at Ganddal

Located in a mountain hall just outside Sandnes, the Demo Tunnel is the industry’s arena for development, testing, demonstration and learning. The facility is Norway’s first full-scale demo tunnel and centre, filled with technology for the tunnels of the future.

The industry’s own demo tunnel

The Demo Tunnel is set up as a tunnel in normal operation. It offers the opportunity to both demonstrate equipment and to test and develop new products and solutions.

The climate inside provides optimal conditions for testing in an authentic tunnel environment, and the basic technical infrastructure is the most cutting edge within tunnel technology. We are also installing a mini traffic control centre which will allow us to test signal and warning systems for steering, regulation and monitoring (an ICS system) without regular traffic.

A launch arena

The demo tunnel is intended to be an arena for knowledge exchange in the sector, facilitating courses and training. It is a learning arena for contractors, advisors and road owners who want to acquire the latest knowledge, insights and training. Educational institutions, emergency services and others with an interest in tunnel technology and safety will also be able to learn and benefit from the Demo Tunnel. The tunnel will also eventually be linked with a digital twin. This will pave the way for new possibilities within real-time modelling, scenario development and virtual training.

Broad collaboration and engagement

The Demo Tunnel is supported by Rogaland County Council and Innovation Norway. VIA has led the project, but the idea has only been possible thanks to the engagement, equipment and valuable input of our members. The facility is a public-benefit project for the industry.

Any questions?
Feel free to contact Hilde Svendsen on 924 59 106 or by email at


  • Courses
  • Training
  • Workshops
  • Testing and piloting
  • Equipment demonstration


  • Tunnel standard
  • T9.5 Profile scaled to 75%
  • Length 38 m
  • Width 4.7 m from the edge to the staircase
  • Height 4.8 m at centre of tunnel, 3.7 m at the edge
  • Electrical system capacity (3 x 230VAC @ 32A)
  • 4G
  • Humidity 70–90 %

Other facilities

  • Training room / mini traffic control centre
  • Kitchenette
  • Parking
  • Large outdoor area
  • WCs