Virtual tunnel

VIA is currently in the second phase of developing a virtual tunnel laboratory for the development and testing of installations in realistic environments.

In the first phase, VIA developed a prototype of a VR tunnel which is a 330-metre version of the Ryfylke tunnel. The pilot tunnel is populated with traffic and standard rescue equipment, and it simulates a collision with a fire scenario.

We are now underway with the second phase which is focused on developing a digital twin of the Demo Tunnel at Ganddal. This involves using VR technology and programming a solution which is in line with the needs of our members.

The aim is to create a platform that offers better possibilities for development, testing, demonstrations and drills in a tunnel environment. This will allow for the simulation of realistic and imagined scenarios which for natural reasons are difficult to test and to demonstrate in the real world.

VIA has received NOK 750,000 from Stavanger Municipality to develop the virtual platform.

Innovation-driven work

The virtual solution will also make it easier for members to carry out innovation-driven work. VR technology allows for a full 360-degree experience and the comparison of different alternatives, plus it will also be possible to connect with other actors and test complex tunnel systems as a single whole. In tandem with the physical tunnel facilities at Ganddal, the virtual platform will be able to serve as a fully fledged innovation facilitator for our members.

The digital twin is expected to reach completion at some point over the course of 2023.

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