EU advice

Do you have questions about EU funding?

Our EU advisor, Solveig Standal Skåravik, is a resource for the members of VIA. She helps you identify opportunities in the EU's innovation programme Horizon Europe.

Horizon Europe is the world's largest research and innovation programme with a budget of €95.5 billion. The objective of Horizon Europe is to help Europe achieve its climate goals and sustainability goals, while strengthening the EU's competitiveness and creating jobs. This is where there are great opportunities for Norwegian business.

VIA's EU Adviser shall be a liaison between enterprises and instruments. Solveig helps identify project opportunities and calls for proposals in Horizon Europe that suit your company. In addition, she has a strategic international network and a good overview ofevents and meeting places that are important to bring with her.

Contact Solveig for a non-binding chat if you have projects or ideas that you think are relevant for EU funding.

Solveig Standal Skåravik

Contact Solveig for a chat
Tel: 932 86 699