Where does the road go next?

VIA sees the results of cooperation that can really put Norway on the innovation and sustainability map.

July 1, 2024

In these times, we in VIA see the results of cooperation that can really put Norway on the innovation and sustainability map.

Summer 2024, two sustainable material choices will be piloted on the new E39 at Lyngdal. We begin by reaping the fruits of all the work done in the Green Platform project Sustainable value chain and material use in road construction. In the first pilot, Eramet is testing the use of the by-product SIGs (Silica Green Stone) from the processing industry as part of its roadbody. In the second pilot, it is Velde Asphalt testing a new type of environmental asphalt. With these pilots, SINTEF collects and analyzes useful data, and we are closer to a 100% circular path.

To continue the job of building smarter and safer roads, we need more funding for research. Making this visible to politicians is high on our agenda. During Arendalsuka this year, we have an event together with the Swedish Road Administration, Nye Veier, SINTEF and UiA to highlight the enormous transformational power we have as an industry when we join together on a major joint research and innovation project. We will also discuss the need for more funding for research and development, and what societal gains this can bring.

The pilots on E39 are the result of collaboration between public and private actors. We all need wise heads to create the smart solutions that take us forward. Therefore, it is crucial to create good meeting places. Innovation Arena, which this year will be held on 22 October in Kristiansand, an important event for the industry. This is where the entire value chain in transport infrastructure comes together. New solutions are presented and discussed, and new relationships are created.

At VIA, we work to connect our members and create solutions that facilitate innovation. Among the projects are a virtual tunneling platform, and the development of VR glasses that can create virtual tunnels by retrieving data from the National Road Data Bank (NVDB). Furthermore, the goal is to embed live data and real-time simulation, and in the long term, this will allow companies to show customers equipment in these tunnels. This is unique in the world context, and gives us completely new opportunities.

Helen Roth, General Manager of VIA

This year we are in a transition phase from Arena Pro cluster to independent organization. We thank the outgoing Board of Directors for important strategic work and business development. The new board will be working on a new strategy from September. This strategy will ensure that VIA continues to be a driving force for safe, smart and sustainable road, bridge and tunnel transformation, and thereby strengthen its members' competitive advantages in national and international markets.

Wishing you a happy summer!

Take good care of each other and drive carefully.

Regards Helen